You don't need to be a nervous nelly, but you do need to be aware of your surroundings wherever you travel. Pickpockets are in all the touristy spots and it's important to be on guard ( not to the point where you won't enjoy yourself) but be alert.

I am constantly approached by scammers. I have the same lady who had been attempting to pull the 'Gold Ring' con on me every time I cross Pont Royal in front of the Louvre. Last year she tried to get me three times on the same crossing!

It's best to dress like a local (see What To Wear) and not make eye contact. I have now resorted to yelling "Tu et un criminel" and that will either make them leave or think that I am crazy.

I am so annoyed and angry at these thieves that I do try to warn other tourists about the scams, even while they are taking place.

Watch out in Paris around all tourist sites, especially at Sacre Ceour, where the 'friendship bracelet' is big. A man, usually from North Africa, will grab your arm and put a string bracelet on it, He won't let go until you pay  him. He usually has more scammers around him to intimidate you. Just don't make eye contact, WALK WITH PURPOSE, and you should be able to have a lovely trip.

Also be aware that the police are really cracking down on the con artists. Tourism is the life blood of these areas and they want everyone to return and have a great time.

Safety First!!

Where I have been, and where am I going

I love the Earful Tower. It's the best Podcast for Paris and the host, Oliver Gee is hilarious.

The Girls have been around the world, but we specialize in Europe.  Last fall we were able to spend a week in Paris, and then drive through Germany along the fairytale Mosel River Valley, on to the speedy Autobahn to Amsterdam.

In the spring I wanted something special. Hot Chocolate in Paris for my birthday. I was able to schedule a long layover in Paris and then went on to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. It was a great trip and I had never even considered Eastern Europe as a destination.

Currently I am planning a fall trip to Paris. I wanted to take a day trip to Bruges, Belgium, but that was turning out to be a huge problem with train schedules, so I will be spending 2 days in Bruges and then heading up to Amsterdam for the night and on to my flight home.

I am going to give you everything you need to know about European inexpensive travel without having to lower your standards or comfort. Since I am a solo traveler I concentrate on hotels that are small, a good value, and easy access to train stations.

Please join me on my adventures and ask any questions. I am here to be your personal travel guide.

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