The more I travel the more I learn. Mostly I learn to pare down what I bring with me. I still pack too much makeup, which is just dumb because in Europe the women use a very light hand with cosmetics, focusing on glowing, healthy skin.

I will be in Paris in November ( traveling on to Bruges, Belgium and Amsterdam), and this time I will bring the bare minimum.


This is me at the Amsterdam airport, This is how I packed for 2 weeks through Europe on Planes, Trains and Automobiles.   To the far right is how I use packing cubes to organize all my stuff. It can be done.

Do not go anywhere without a power strip. There are never enough electrical outlets in your hotel or apartment for all of your electronics. I use this strip/converter by BESTEK and it's one of the best travel purchases I have ever made. It has 4 USB plugs for phones, tablets, or cameras, and then three 3 pronged plugs for all of your other needs such as a laptop. Don't drag around a bunch of converters to scatter all over your room, keep everything together with a strip.

Printable Packing List

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