What to wear when you go

What you wear is very important. It is the image that you wish to project to the world, but also an opportunity to keep yourself free from being labeled a 'Tourist'
and therefore possible prey from pickpockets and conmen.

Before you go do some research of what the locals are wearing.  Remember, it's
always better to be overdressed than underdressed and uncomfortable.

When in Europe, wear BLACK. Everything is black, black, black. Add a
colorful scarf and you will do just fine. Scarves are also easy to pack
and it's fun to bring home a couple from your favorite visits.

Here are your DONT'S

No tennis shoes, especially WHITE  ( currently white European Tennis Shoes are all the rage)
No heavy makeup
No sweatpants, sweatshirts
Nothing with USA or PROUD AMERICAN.....
Big purses
Expensive jewelry
Sandals - you will be in crowds and dirty places.
Keep your toes injury free


Scarf, no matter where you are
Simple clothes, makeup and hair
Cross Body Bag
Comfortable shoes, in most of the seasons it will be boots, everyone in Europe wears boots